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Regimen is a science-first health program that empowers you to take care of your erection – naturally.



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Science has moved beyond pills alone.

Guided program. Sustainable Results.

Forget googling about erections. Regimen combines the relevant scientifically proven strategies to improve erections into one program. Built by the leading researchers and doctors for men like you.

Fight the issue, not the symptom.

ED pills offer symptom relief for a couple of hours. They are like a crutch. Regimen is the therapy working on the underlying issues to take care of your erection in the long run.

It’s the core of erection therapy, not an add-on.

Pills are the situational add-on, Regimen is the core therapy. If you don’t take care of your erection, you will need more and more pills until they fail to work. With Regimen, you can turn it around.


It’s not just your erection that improves. It’s you!

Effect-size like pills – but sustainably.

In the past years, science understood the causes of erectile dysfunction much better. Working on them takes commitment – but the effect after 3-6 months can be as big as ED pills, but naturally and sustainably.

Fighting underlying issues means preventing severe events.

90% of men with strokes or heart attacks have an ED that presents on average 5 years earlier. Taking care does not only improve the erection, but can prevent fatal health consequences.

Cheaper than coffee.

Regimen is cheaper than your daily coffee at your favorite coffee shop and offers long-term results.


Built by the leading doctors, scientists, and patients.


Built by the leading doctors, scientists, and patients.

We are all about science and driven by lived experience. 

We know how important a healthy erection is. Our co-founder Max had an ED in his early 20s and fixed it through a holistic program. His story drives our commitment to men like you.

Our co-founder Wolf is urologist and andrologist and helped introduce ED pills into the market. Wolf is ensuring the scientific accuracy of the program – together with the leading specialized experts, researchers and scientists from around the world who serve on our advisory board.

We are working closely with health insurance providers to ensure they understand the role of the erection for overall well-being and as warning sign for a potentially severe underlying issue. 

And ultimately, we’ve built with men from all over the world for men like you and continue to incorporate their feedback. Join Regimen!


Better erections – naturally.

Regimen combines the relevant scientifically proven strategies and exercises to improve your erection naturally and sustainably. Start using Regimen today.